What happened to Uncle Peter in Daniel’s story?

Then he understands: Uncle Peter is dead and the Nazis have sent them this. The whole family is devastated and Daniel can no longer imagine a future. His mother continues to try to find a way for their family to leave the country. As summer passes, Daniel begins to feel ready for school to start.

What happened to Peter in Daniel’s story?

Uncle Peter: A photographer who is fired from his teaching job because he is Jewish. He then teaches at a Jewish school. He is Daniel’s uncle, and Daniel is very fond of him. Peter is killed at Dachau, and his ashes are sent to Daniel’s family.

What happened to Uncle Peter and why?

Peter loved his uncle and aunt more than anyone in the world. Ben was killed when a burglar was robbing their house. Ben accidentally surprised him causing the burglar to shoot him. His death sparked the transformation of Peter Parker into Spider-Man.

Why was Uncle Peter sent to Dachau in Daniel’s story?

To convince German people of how disgusting Jews were. What happens to Uncle Peter a few days after Daniel takes Erika to see the newsreels? He gets arrested and taken to Dachau. Why does Daniel’s photo album bother his mother?

How did Daniels story end?

By the end of the book, most of Daniel’s family has been murdered, but he has survived and is thankful for what little he has left. His faith in humanity has been badly shaken, but not destroyed.

What happens to Erika at the end of the novel Daniel’s story?

What news did Rosa give Daniel that made their reunion bittersweet at the end of Daniel’s Story? Rosa tells Daniel that his sister Erika is dead. She had been marched to Gross-Rosen and had hidden in the infirmary the day the camp was evacuated. She managed to live until the Russians came

Where does Daniel’s family go at the end of Chapter 4?

Q. What happens to Daniel and his family at the end of chapter 4? The had to give up all of their possessions. They were forced to go to Auschwitz.

What happened in chapter 5 of Daniel’s story?

Oma Rachel gets sick and goes to the hospital, but then the hospital is evacuated. Daniel can’t find Oma. He sees old people trying to run, babies being thrown out of windows and everywhere people screaming and crying. Even though Oma has escaped, the Nazis come for her the next day.

What did OMA Miriam make Daniel?

Oma Miriam is father’s mother from an old folks’ home. Made and gave Daniel a Hitler Youth uniform so Daniel could walk around Frankfurt with freedom.

What does OMA Miriam make?

Oma Miriam gives Daniel an almost identical Hitler Youth Uniform to guarantee him certain freedoms when walking around town.

What did Adam encourage Daniel to do?

Adam also recruits Daniel to join the resistance movement in the camp. He will be given a camera and will take pictures of the burial pits, the crematoriums and the stores of supplies. They will smuggle these pictures out of the camp and get them to the Russians as proof of the atrocities inside the camp.

What was Daniel doing when he first met Rosa?

She is in a picture dated December, 1942 when Daniel was 15 years old. He met Rosa when Erika brings her home to visit. Daniel is sitting in only his underwear as his clothing is being deloused, and his family reacts to his embarrassment with great hilarity. This is the first time he has heard laughter in months.

What was to happen to Daniel’s family’s belongings once they were told they would be deported?

their belongings would be sent along with them to their new homes.

What was the Avengers first job in Daniels story?

Daniel’s job is to help a photographer. He will take pictures of Nazi officers and their families.

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