FAQ: How do I file a weekly unemployment claim?

By Phone

  1. To file a new claim by telephone, call toll free, Monday – Friday between 8:15am and 4:30pm and between 9am and 1pm on Saturday (closed state holidays) 1-866-832-2363.
  2. To file a weekly claim by telephone, call toll free 1-800-897-5630.

What happens if you forget to file your weekly unemployment?

If you miss a week, you will be able to file for the current week and the prior week (the one you missed filing for) only. If you miss filing your weekly claims for more than two weeks, the weekly claim filing system will no longer recognize you.

How do I file my weekly unemployment voucher?

You must file a voucher WEEKLY through the online filing system (called Uplink). Submit your weekly voucher the week following your initial application and each week thereafter. Benefits are paid weekly. The week runs from Sunday, 12:00 a.m. to Saturday, 8:59 p.m. Eastern time.

How do I check the status of my unemployment claim in Iowa?

The Unemployment Insurance Customer Service number is 1-866-239-0843.

What is the phone number to file weekly unemployment claim?

Contact the Claim Center toll free at 1-866-783-5567 if you have any questions about how to complete the answers or how to use the Voice Response System.

How can I check on my unemployment claim?

Payment information is updated daily and is available through your UI Online account or by calling the UI Self-Service Phone Line at 1-866-333-4606.

How long does it take to get unemployment back pay?

In most states backdated PUA and FPUC payments will be paid in one lump-sum one to two weeks after you receive your first payment of eligible state UI benefits.

Do I have to file my weekly claim on Sunday?

Filing a weekly claim online is a requirement of continued eligibility for unemployment insurance. If you do not file your weekly claim, you will not receive payment for that week. No exceptions. You may file your weekly claim on Sunday from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM or Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

How much unemployment will I get in Iowa?

The annual average wage in Iowa increased from about $48,500 in 2019 to about $52,100 in 2020. As a result of the change, the maximum weekly unemployment benefit in Iowa will increase to $651 from $605. That is for claimants with at least four dependents who earned about $50,000 a year prior to losing their jobs.

How long does it take to receive unemployment?

If an unemployment claim is filed correctly, states can typically send out the first payment within two or three weeks according to the federal Department of Labor’s website. However, in some states, there is a waiting period between the time you become unemployed and when you are eligible for benefits.

How long does it take for your unemployment check to be deposited?

We send your benefits to Key Bank the same business day that you submit your weekly claim. It can take one to two days for your benefits to be loaded to your card.

How do I file a weekly claim over the phone?

Over the Phone: After filing your first claim for unemployment benefits, you may file your weekly claims for benefits by calling the toll free Weekly Claims Line at 1-800-983-2300 and selecting Option #1.

What’s the best time to call unemployment?

Avoid calling on Mondays and Tuesdays. These are the highest call volume days and you’re more likely to get through Wednesday or Thursday. Try calling after 4 p.m.

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