Readers ask: How do you drain the oil on a Husqvarna riding lawn mower?

  1. Park your mower on a flat area.
  2. Find oil drain valve (located at the base of the tractors engine).
  3. Remove valve cap.
  4. Attach oil drain tube.
  5. Have container ready to catch oil.
  6. Unlock drain valve by pushing it in and turning.
  7. Pull drain valve out to start the oil flow.

How much oil goes in a Husqvarna riding lawn mower?

Husqvarna’s riding mower holds 20 ounces of motor oil to lubricate its engine. Husqvarna recommends oil that has an API classification of SG-SL.

How often should you change the oil in a Husqvarna riding lawn mower?

It is recommended that you change your oil after every 50 hours of use. If you use your mower roughly 100 hours a year, you can do it just once and be okay. You should change the oil filter every other oil change with frequent use, or every season if it is not used quite as much.

What type of oil goes in a Husqvarna riding mower?

The Husqvarna YTH22V46, a riding mower with a 46-inch mowing deck, uses SAE 30 oil for general use of the mower, and SAE 5W-30 for cold weather. These numbers refer to oil viscosity, and changing the type of oil for cool weather will aid starting.

What kind of oil goes in my Husqvarna riding mower?

Your Husqvarna mower’s owner’s manual. A bottle of the 4-stroke oil recommended for your mower model, for example SAE 30 for Husqvarna walk and push mowers.

What kind of engine is in a Husqvarna riding mower?

This 46-inch Husqvarna lawn tractor comes with a 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine with an automatic drive system and electric PTO. It includes a comfortable high-back seat and a washout port. It also has quick-change cutting blades that require no tools.

Where the drain plug is located?

The drain plug is a large nut or plug located under the oil pan at the bottom of the engine. If you can’t reach your oil drain plug easily, you’ll have to either crawl under your car to reach it or jack up the car.

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