FAQ: What does the piano represent in The Piano Lesson?

The Charles family’s piano, which resides in Berniece’s house, symbolizes the family’s history and identity—both their past sorrows and their hopes for the future. The piano belonged to the Sutter family, who once enslaved Berniece’s and Boy Willie’s ancestors.

Why is the piano in The Piano Lesson important?

The central symbol of the play is the 137-year-old piano, an object that incarnates the family history. Under Willie Boy’s hands, however, the piano also becomes both a symbolic attempt to keep the family together and the physical record of the family’s history.

What does the piano symbolize?

A piano can be mellow and can represent contentment or, from another angle, romance. French horns represent nobility, accomplishment, loneliness, and solitude. A distorted guitar represents power, aggression, and strength, while a “clean” electric guitar is used to symbolize anguish and solitude.

Why is the piano important to Berniece?

Berniece wants to remember and preserve her family’s past by keeping the piano; Boy Willie wants rectify the past by selling the piano and buying land that once bound his ancestors in slavery; Doaker wants Boy Willie to understand the family’s past through the history of the piano.

Do the carvings on the piano represent?

The carvings on the piano represent the past. There is a very profound implication here. On one hand, Miss Ophelia felt bad that the slaves to whom she had grown attached were now gone because of the piano.

What does the piano symbolize in the story Two Kinds?

The piano represents reconciliation between mother and daughter. Jing-mei took it as a sign of acceptance and she later realized that her mother had never given up on her.

What does the piano music symbolize in Two Kinds?

In “Two Kinds,” the piano represents a type of trophy. Jing-mei’s mother has a desire to make her daughter into something she is not. Also, the piano represents the struggle between a mother and daughter. Jing-Mei does not desire to play the piano.

How does the piano symbolize the conflict within the mother herself?

Before her mother dies, Jing Mei is given the piano by her mother. It is interesting that she describes this as a ” shiny trophy ” – a metaphor that clearly indicates her feelings about the piano and about her conflict with her mother over her piano playing.

What lesson did berniece learn in The Piano Lesson?

Berniece finds a spiritual connection through the piano and calls on not only the strength of her ancestors, but on the power of the African American race. By the play’s conclusion, she cracks out of the shell that she’s been hiding in. She reclaims her womanhood and her heritage.

What does Berniece represent in The Piano Lesson?

At the heart of The Piano Lesson is a brother and sister couple at war over the question of using the family legacy. Berniece, the sister, fiercely protects the piano from being sold. She figures as the guardian of the family’s past.

What does the piano mean to Berniece?

Berniece does not want to let her brother, who has come to claim his half of the piano, sell the piano because it is symbolic of her family’s freedom. He wants to sell the piano in order to get the money to buy the Sutter land, something he believes will end, once and for all, the enslavement of the Charles family.

What symbols are in The Piano Lesson?

The Piano Lesson | Symbols

  • The Piano. The piano represents the Charles family legacy.
  • Ghosts. More than one ghost acts as a symbol in The Piano Lesson.
  • The Railroad. The railroad represents freedom of movement.
  • Watermelons.

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