Quick Answer: Who is Bernice in The Piano Lesson?

BERNIECE: Bernice, Boy Willie’s older sister, is a thirty-five year old widow who blames the death of her husband three years prior, on her brother. She resents her brother’s bravado and chides him for his rebellious ways. She doesn’t want to sell the piano, but also has no intention of playing it.

What does the piano mean to Bernice?

Berniece does not want to let her brother, who has come to claim his half of the piano, sell the piano because it is symbolic of her family’s freedom. He wants to sell the piano in order to get the money to buy the Sutter land, something he believes will end, once and for all, the enslavement of the Charles family.

Why does Bernice not play the piano?

Berniece refuses to play the piano because she’s afraid to wake the spirits of her ancestors. However, when Boy Willie is attacked by Sutter’s evil ghost, she uses the piano to release those spirits to save her brother.

Who kissed Berniece in The piano Lesson?

Berniece comes downstairs and orders them out. As Berniece is making tea, Lymon returns, looking for Willie. He is tired of one-night stands and dreams of finding the right woman. Musing on Wining Boy’s magic suit, he withdraws a bottle of perfume from his pocket and gives it to Berniece and they kiss.

What happened between Lymon and Bernice?

They talk a little more, and after an awkward pause, Lymon dabs a bit of perfume behind Berniece’s ear (he’d just bought the bottle off a man on the street) and kisses her. She kisses him back and then breaks away and goes upstairs.

What does Bernice look like in The piano Lesson?

Berniece is a strong-willed woman, portrayed as levelheaded, serious, and single-mindedly focused on providing for Maretha and herself. However, she can be fiery and emotional when the moment calls for it: for example, she resolutely refuses to sell the family piano when her brother, Boy Willie, asks.

What does Sutter’s ghost symbolize?

Sutter’s ghost, which plagues the household and is attached to the piano, symbolizes the history of slavery. It is an element that haunts the family’s past, which the piano represents.

Who carved the piano in the piano lesson?

So, Sutter ordered Willie Boy, Berniece and Boy Willie’s great grandfather, to carve pictures of them into the piano. Willie Boy did as he was asked, but went even further. He carved the faces of his wife and child, who were traded for the piano, but he also carved the whole history of his family.

What does piano stand for in the play The Piano Lesson?

In his play, The Piano Lesson,August Wilson uses the piano to represent the Charles family’s history as well as the struggle of African Americans to reclaim their identity, language, and culture in the generations following slavery.

Who does Berniece blame for Crawley’s death?

Unlike other characters, the stage notes for Berniece are somewhat sparse, describing her as a thirty-five-year-old mother still mourning for her husband, Crawley. She blames her brother, Boy Willie, for her husband’s death, remaining ever skeptical of his bravado and chiding him for his rebellious ways.

Why does Bernice come downstairs?

She’s is afraid of waking up the ghosts of her ancestors; it makes her very sad. What does Berniece say she won’t burden Maretha with?

Why does Boy Willie want to sell the piano?

Boy Willie wants to sell piano to buy Sutter’s land where his family worked as slaves and to start his life and The American Dream.

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