Readers ask: Why did Hortensia want Esperanza at the grocery store?

Hortensia sends Esperanza to the market with Miguel to get her away for a little bit. Miguel explains to Esperanza that they always go to Mr. Yakota’s Japanese grocery store because he does not discriminate against Mexicans. Esperanza buys a piñata to put next to Mama’s bed.

Why did Hortensia smear Esperanza’s hands with avocado and what did Esperanza realize after doing it twice?

She repeated Hortensia’s recipe and as she sat for the second time with her hands smothered, she realized that it wouldn’t matter how much avocado and glycerine she put on them, they would never look like the hands of a wealthy woman from El Rancho de las Rosas. Because they were the hands of a poor campesina.

What does Hortensia do in Esperanza Rising?

Hortensia serves as a friend and confidante to both Esperanza and her mother. Hortensia and Alfonso are Zapotec Indians with dark skin, and they are happy to move to America where they have a better chance for a successful life.

What did Esperanza want Hortensia to help her with?

The women all gather in one cabin to take baths. Esperanza expects Hortensia to bathe her, like she has since Esperanza was a baby. She stands awkwardly near the tub, waiting for Hortensia to undress her. She’s forgotten that things are different now.

Why did Hortensia tell Esperanza to get away from the camp?

Three weeks later, it is the first day of spring, and Hortensia urges Esperanza to take advantage of the nice weather and get out of camp for the day. Esperanza herself has been depressed and withdrawn since she’s been barred from visiting Mama, and she knows that everyone is worried about her.

Why is it special that Esperanza and her family shop at Mr yakota’s store?

Why does Esperanza’s family shop at Mr. Yakota’s store? He stocks many of the items they like to purchase, and he treats them like people.

What good news does Miguel share with the family?

What good news does Miguel share? He’s going to marry Marta. Miguel was able to get a job with the railroad. Mama was cured!

How does Hortensia feel about Mama?

Hortensia is worried about Mama and wants her to get better. On page 153, Hortensia tells Esperanza, “Look at her, she has lost weight. She has not been herself since that storm and that was a month ago. I think she should go to the doctor.” Hortensia doesn’t agree that Mama is fine and perhaps thinks she is stubborn.

What part of society is Hortensia in Esperanza Rising?

When we first meet Hortensia and Alfonso, they are servants in the Ortega household. But this isn’t your regular servant/head-of-house relationship. They are super loyal to Esperanza’s family because Papa has been very good to them—he treats them like friends and gives Alfonso some land of his own.

Is Esperanza Rising a movie?

As part of the SummerWrite program, a creative group of young people meet each summer to write, shoot, act in and edit a 90 second movie version of their favorite Newbery Award winning book. This summer they chose Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan. These clever kids decided to reimagine the book as a telenovela.

Why did Hortensia tell the story about the bandits?

Why did Hortensia talk about the bandits, Miguel and the mouse, and going on a train ride? To keep Esperanza’s mind off the tight quarters in the wagon.

Why did Esperanza move to California?

But Esperanza would not celebrate any more birthdays in Mexico. Her father dies the night before her 13th birthday, and so Esperanza has to move from Mexico to California, leaving her grandmother, friends and the comfortable life she knew in the land she loved.

Why do Miguel and Esperanza drive so far to shop at the Japanese market?

Why do Miguel and Esperanza drive so far to shop at the Japanese market? Because Mr. Yakota stocks the things they need and treats the Mexicans like real people, while other market owners are not so kind to them. On page 186, Miguel says to Esperanza, “Some of the other market owners aren’t as kind to Mexicans as Mr.

Why was Isabel not the queen of May?

Description: Isabel wanted, more than anything, to be chosen Queen of May at school. She worked really hard and got the best grades, but she was not chosen. character think/feel?

What is Hortensia’s job?

Alfonso’s wife, Miguel’s mother, and the Ortega family’s housekeeper, Hortensia is a Zapotec Indian from Oaxaca who takes good care of Esperanza and her entire family and truly loves the Ortegas.

Why does Esperanza continue working on the crocheted blanket that Abuelita had begun?

Why does Esperanza continue to work on the crocheted blanket that Abuelita had begun? She needs to recover from Valley Fever and from her depression. Why is Mama taken to the hospital? Esperanza wants to bring Abuelita to California; she believes her grandmother will help her mother get better.

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