Question: How do you adjust the scald on a Moen?

The water temperature from my Moen shower system is too hot. To adjust the Temperature Limit Stop, with the handle removed, loosen the adjustment hex screw with a 7/64″ hex wrench and slide the screw downward. Tighten the hex screw. Test the hot water temperature (not to exceed 120°F).

How do you adjust the hot & cold water in a shower with a Moen mixing valve?

Pull the mixing valve’s knob, the plastic knob surrounding the flow valve’s base, off the flow valve’s stem. If the thermometer’s reading exceeded 120 degrees Fahrenheit or the water temperature feels too hot, turn the mixing valve’s knob counterclockwise one-quarter turn.

How do you adjust anti scald?

Slide the shower handle off the stem to expose the “Rotational Limit Stop” anti-scald valve. Grab the center of the “Rotational Limit Stop” and pull it toward you. Turn the Delta anti-scald valve to the left to increase the maximum temperature of the water, or turn it to the right to decrease the water temperature.

How do you adjust the water temperature on a Moen kitchen faucet?

To increase water temperature, either turn the hot water screw counterclockwise or turn the cold water screw clockwise. To decrease water temperature, either turn the hot water screw clockwise or turn the cold water screw counterclockwise.

How do you adjust a Moen shower thermostat?

Pull the temperature stem (#2) from the valve without rotating. Rotate the temperature stem (#2) from the 2 o’clock position counterclockwise back to the 12 o’clock position. Replace the temperature stem (#2) in the new position and secure it with the screw (#1). Test the temperature of the water.

Can you adjust the anti-scald valve bathtub?

How To Adjust The Anti-Scald Valve. Do adjust the anti-scald valve you will need a screwdriver or drill to remove all the outer components to get to the valve. once you get to the valve you may need a needle nose pliers to turn it.

How do you turn off scald guard?

Remove and Adjust the Scald Guard Grab the scald guard with your fingertips and pull it from the handle assembly. Rotate the guard counterclockwise to increase the water temperature and counterclockwise to decrease it.

How do I adjust my shower mixing valve?

Adjust the Shower Valve

  1. Remove the handle. You may need a screwdriver to do this.
  2. Take off the metal cover beneath the handle, exposing the valve stem.
  3. Turn the RSL two notches in whichever direction desired, then put the RSL back in place.
  4. Replace the faucet handle, then test the mixture of hot and cold water.

How do you adjust a single handle shower faucet?

Pry off the cover, if there is one, with a flat-head screwdriver. Rotate the limiter clockwise to increase the temperature and counterclockwise to decrease it. Remove the handle to change the maximum temperature on a faucet with a handle that controls both temperature and volume.

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